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Products List > Semiconductor Industries > 4 POINT PROBE (NPS Version)

Four Point Probe (NPS Versions)


High quality apparatus for professionals !
DC Four Point Probe systems is one of the most reliable methods for resistivity or sheet resistance measuring of conducting materials.
It is well known among probing engineers that the quality of the probing apparatus greatly affects the probing accuracy.
Especially for the probing of semiconductor materials, not only the accuracy but also the durability is crucial.
Our Four Point Probe manufactured by skilled worker is universally acknowledged as a high accuracy probe.
We possesses a lot of experience and solid accomplishments in this field.

Spacing tolerance +/- 0.005mm(NPS ver,.)
Planality 0 to max 0.005mm( NPS ver,.)
Electrical Leakae above 10^6M-ohms
Correlativity ±0.5%(NPS ver,..)
Using the special leaf springs, stability load.
Assembled in Japan
For NAPSON, other Resistivity test machines at a reasonable price.

Available for each wafer type(metal ,Epi, Substrate, Imp) by
NPS original fine processing technique "micro-edge contact",
and highest quality four point probe heads anywhere in the world.
Most of the quality-conscious semiconductor makers in Japan choose NPS versions for their regular experiments.

Assembled,Repair ,Modify and Inspection by NPS
since 1971, inherit special skills from A&M FELL(Newhaven England) for the 4-point probe heads

NPS is proud of the experience and achievements in this field over 30 years.
Technical questions are also very welcome.

4 POINT PROBE   Handy Probe  0.1 mm pitch

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