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Products List > Semiconductor Industries > PALINEY (PALLADIUM) PROBE NEEDLES



Palladium alloy is well known as the best contact material. PALINEY NEEDLES are the electrode needles made of the palladium alloy designed for testing electrical characteristics.
It has the same properties as tungsten and possesses better electrical characteristics than beryllium copper, ensuring the stable contact result when testing.
We have more than 10 varieties of these needles such as 0.2mm〜0.7mm. We offer not only the processed needles, we can also offer the material itself.

Precision grind !Palladium probe needle
Dia=0.66mm length=1.25" point radius=12 micron(minimum)

■T-4 NEEDLES (For submicron)



NPS manufactures various EJECTOR PINS for IC chips and other machine parts using Tungsten carbide (TC) and piano wires.

Material: Custom made application. Please contact us for the material choice such as Tungsten carbide (TC), STAINLESS, PIANO WIRE etc. We offer you excellent quality pins by processing them highly uniform.

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